Sutor Mantellassi

More than a shoe… a state of mind.

Remarkable harmony, product excellence and formal style - every model of the Sutor Mantellassi collection follows contemporary and personal style while maintaining its brand identity.

Sutor Mantellassi is a shoe that accompanies every evolution of life, from relaxing moments to social occasions, from the classic Italian style, timeless and recognizable, to the “tailor made” - the top product for a shoe, designed on the individual anatomical shape and taste for the customer.

The continuing search for the perfect life style is one of the brand’s strengths: elegance, comfort, tradition and modernity make it possible to fully express your personality, in a unique way. What distinguishes a Sutor Mantellassi shoe is more than ninety years of experience dedicated to selecting the finest leather, extreme perfection in detail, and workmanship techniques from the old traditions as well as the new.

Costruzione Bologna: on a last where it is sewn to the inner sole in leather reinforced with a jute fabric and each stitch is pulled tight by hand.

Tubolare: one by one, as the “vaschetta” is sewn to the vamp/upper shoe.

Costruzione Goodyear: would see that there are two insoles which sandwich a cork blend liner.

Costruzione Norvegese: patient work is carried out for the second and the inner sole: more than 600 stitches of excellent hand-workmanship.

Crocodile models: achieve a regular upper with evenly sized scales of ideal dimensions. Each pair of shoes requires two whole hides, of which only the finest part is used.

The hides are specially tanned, making them much more resistant to wear, particularly between the scales, where the skin is most delicate.

After completion, the shoes remain on the wooden lasts for at least 20 days to dry naturally. This allows the leather to adapt itself to the last and acquire superior elasticity and resistance, while “remembering” its shape for the future.

How to keep a Sutor Mantellassi shoe “alive” over time.

Keeping a valuable shoe like Sutor Mantellassi beautiful and “alive” for years to come requires dedicated attention and care. There are only a few essential rules:

• Remove the dust from the shoe, apply cream and let it dry; to shine, use a brush with soft bristles.

• Use a cream with a high wax content, but in small doses.

• The cream color must be very similar to that of the leather, never darker.

• Use a neutral shining product only rarely and only for cleaning, in order to avoid cracking and changing the colour.

• The same treatment is used for all the other leather parts of the shoe (welt and sole).

• A brush with rubber bristles, however, is the only tool to revive suede.

• Always keep wooden shoe trees inside shoes to help the leather dry and keep its shape.

Objects that convey a style

Accessories and footwear convey the style of a person, describing his or her personality, tastes and savoir-vivre. Sutor Mantellassi has developed two collections of elegant and supremely crafted

exclusive accessories: Executive and Travel, the fi rst for work and the second for leisure, when the passion for life can be unleashed.

The Travel collection is based on superior materials, such as leather tanned in wooden drums and then dyed in vats, instead of spray-dyed, using traditional methods that have practically been forgotten, or vegetable leather skillfully teamed with canvas.

The products of the Executive range are hand brushed and echo Sutor Mantellassi’s historic and distinctive Oasis finish.

The collection also comprises a range dedicated to the most precious and sought-after materials, such as crocodile, ostrich and snakeskin, which are offered with a matte or shiny finish, according

to the client’s preference. They are all lined with Alcantara and feature the large zips characteristic of handcrafted leather goods.

The hardware is customized and entirely handmade.